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Mobile Podium Platform: On Stage

Mobile Podium Platform: On Stage

Whether at a sports, dance or trade show event, the stage trucks of Movico provide an excellent platform for your show, presentation, ceremony or speech.

Advantages Mobile Podium Platform:

- Set-up time 30 minutes
- Compact solution
- 20m² stage
- Extra tall background wall
         - Accessibility for camera and video images
         - Large space for sponsor exposure
- Full colour full wrap branding possible
- Backstage area
- Access stairs can be placed on left and right side of the stage
- Combined transport possible with e.g. Press Tribune, Mobile Office 01, 02 & 04

The very short set-up time and extra high "look" for camera and video images make the Mobile Podium Platform popular as a stage for daily moving sports events, such as cycling races.

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