Samsung European Display Roadshow 2016

From early June to November 2016, Samsung Display is touring through Europe to present its latest technologies to customers and partners. The roadshow is facilitated by the Promo Combi 04, which provides the possibility to display both indoor and outdoor (LED) screens. This way, the features of Samsung Displays are particularly well demonstrated.

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Samsung Display 2016 | The open appearance of this trailer creates an organised and accessible stand

Samsung Display 2016 | Limited light in the trailer emphasises the brightness of the LED screens perfectly by night

Samsung Display 2016 | The Promocombi 04 offers the possibility to display both indoor and outdoor screens

Samsung Display 2016 | On location at the doorstep of one of Samsung's offices in Germany

Samsung Display 2016 | Different LED screens have been built in and their corresponding features are displayed to inform the customer

Samsung Display 2016 | On site in Athens

Samsung Display 2016 | By means of custom branding on the outside, the trailer also promotes Samsung Displays while on the road


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