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10 years of Classic Express!

Published on 29 September 2017

It’s party time! On 1 October 2017 Classic Express celebrated its 10th anniversary, making it the longest touring road show in Movico’s history. Together with the Princes Christina Concours, we’ve been visiting primary schools throughout the Netherlands to introduce young children to music for 10 years. And what a great result: up to now some 100,000 children have enjoyed a unique experience in the mobile concert hall.

The Classic Express is an initiative of the Prinses Christina Concours. Their aim is to introduce all children and youngsters in the Netherlands to music and to help and encourage them to develop their musical talents. The Classic Express roadshow is one of the marketing tools they are using to achieve this wonderful aim.

In 2007, the Expo Mobile 2 was transformed into the world’s first mobile concert hall. The superb acoustic system, special interior and background light and sound create a unique experience! The Classic Express recently underwent another metamorphosis, in which TV screens were replaced by projections that raise the impact of the music to new levels. This has visibly changed the overall experience children’s image of classical music.

During a performance day, two or three concerts are given by young musical talents and Prinses Christina Concours prize winners, who are given the opportunity to gain stage experience and perform for a young, critical audience. Each concert is attended by about 35 pupils. The children listen to the music, are given listening assignments and are able to ask the musicians questions.

Do you want more information about this project?

Ask your question to our Marketing Roadshow Specialist, Noud van de Mortel. Noud is happy to tell you more about this special project.