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New collaboration with BrabantSport

Published on 21 July 2021

Movico is ‘captain of ambition’! Due our collaboration with BrabantSport, we have a new role as ‘captain of ambition’.

As a company based in Brabant, Brainport region, it is our responsibility to invest in sports as in events, innovative event solutions and services and contribute to a healthy sports climate in The Netherlands.

To put the action to the word Matthijs Smit, client manager Sports Events, signed the collaboration with Marcel Balkenstein of BrabantSport as ‘captain of ambition’.

In close cooperation with BrabantSport and its partners we will activate our partnership. So let’s challenge and support the province to improve sports events, innovation and talent development. These 4 core values ​​are part of Movico’s DNA.

Want to to know more about the collaboration?

Get in touch with our Sports Events Specialist, Matthijs Smit!