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Drive your business to a higher level

Published on 25 June 2021

How do you turn a roadshow into a safe, personal, cost-efficient and flexible marketing tool? In this blog we explain five ways.

1. Make it personal!

Reaching your potential customer with a roadshow in front of their doorstep ensures personal interaction with your brand. Thanks to a personal approach and undivided attention, you focus on the relationship with your customers.  Bring the story of your product or service to life and increase your customer’s affinity with the product and create interaction.

2. Choose your own way, day after day

A personalized roadshow trailer is the most flexible marketing tool because of its rapid relocations. By visiting a different potential customer every day, you build an enormous reach. We draw the most efficient routing based on your customer base or target group. Naturally, we take logistics matters into account. Think of the use of ferries or tunnels, documentation at the border and the maximum number of kilometres you can drive in a day. Your priorities are the base for determining the routing. We focus on an efficient and logical route, but in unforeseen situations such as travel restrictions you can easily deviate with the roadshow. This offers maximum flexibility, with minimal impact on your marketing activities.

3. In a sustainable way

The impact of a roadshow on the environment is considerably smaller than participating in an international trade fair. With one transport, one circular design and only one event operator, we find our way to your customers. The roadshow trailer is transformed into your unique mobile showroom, as it were your custom-made mobile exhibition stand with all your products integrated. No extra people are needed to build it on location and the number of travel movements to one location from all over the world is minimized. You only use one mobile exhibition stand that you move via the most efficient route. This is how we make your roadshow event a success every day and at every doorstep.

4. Clean and responsible

After the confrontation with COVID-19, we are still committed to ensuring people’s safety while contributing to the ultimate customer experience. It is imaginable that we are not going back completely to the old normal and that people appreciate contact at an appropriate distance. Therefore you can use a program with time slots so that every guest gets sufficient space and attention. At Movico we can help you with a tool that allows guests to book time slots and in this way get to know your product or service at their preferred time slot. The space is regularly checked and disinfected and there is the option to integrate an air filter system. A customer-oriented approach in which safe participation in the roadshow is priority.

5. Literally drive your business to a higher level

You boost your company with the reach of potential customers and business relations through roadshow marketing. Your business literally drive to a higher level. Face-to-face contact is s

So brace yourself and get inspired! You can do this by contacting us or by watching the video below.

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