Mobile Office 02

Tailor-made support
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Mobile Office 02: Tailor-made support

Mobile Office 02: Tailor-made support

Mobile offices come in various shapes and sizes. You decide what type of office is most suitable for accommodating your crew.
Advantages Mobile Office 02:

- Very short set-up time
- Multipurpose solution to be used as:
           - Mobile office
           - Mobile radio & television studio
- One side can be fully opened as a stage
- Folder cabinets and storage spaces
- Separate workspaces
- Toilet (optional)
- Air conditioning
- Combined transport possible with e.g. Press Tribune, Mobile Office 01 or 04 & Mobile
   Podium Platform

Whether you want to accommodate press officers, security or other event officials, the Mobile Office offers your team a fully equipped and comfortable workspace.

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