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High Level Hospitality


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Multi 02: High Level Hospitality

Multi 02: High Level Hospitality

The Multi is the most advanced mobile hospitality facility of its kind. The three spacious floors offer endless possibilities for furnishing and decoration to your wishes.

Advantages Multi 01:

- Set-up time 2.5 hours
- 90m² floor area
- 3 floors
- VIP deck and roof terrace provide a beautiful view on the event
- Full colour full wrap branding possible
- Furnishing and decoration completely according to your wishes
- Spacious bar and kitchen facilities
- Toilet present on board
- Audio Installation present on board
- Air conditioning and heating
- 6m² LED display on the outside

The large capacity and special VIP decks for a direct view on any event make the Multi the perfect accommodation for receiving relations during trade shows or sports events.

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