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First live theater performance in The Netherlands successful!

Published on 2 June 2020

Comedian Guido Weijers and team demonstrate that safe performance is possible for more than 100 people.

Last night Guido Weijers performed in front of an audience of more than 100 people. Live! Although the maximum number of visitors per theater hall from June 1st is only 30 people, the comedian with a team of creative cultural entrepreneurs developed a new corona-proof theater with three rooms overlooking the same stage. Together with crew members on a 1.5 meter outside terrace, more than 100 people could enjoy his theater lecture about happiness. “The idea is as simple as it is effective. It is a matter of respecting the rules, thinking outside the box and thus making everyone happy. ” said Weijers.

Many people and yet small-scale

Weijers: “It was fantastic to see so many people enjoy again! They were clearly ready for a night out. I am happy that we were able to create a relaxed summer evening atmosphere in our corona-proof theater, including all safety requirements. That was still a challenge! We were looking for something that could accommodate more than 30 people, but feels cozier than, for example, a drive-in. With this solution we are small-scale and direct contact with the public is possible. Our goal was: Testing whether this is a good interim solution to give the cultural sector and the event industry a boost. ”

Fifth time’s the charm

In recent weeks, Weijers and his team have been active on various fronts to ensure that the theater audience can enjoy a relaxed evening out in a hall safely and with more than 30 people at the same time. Applications were submitted to test this concept in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem, among others. The security of the protocols was fine, but it was “just not allowed”. The comedian then sent an open letter to Prime Minister Rutte to talk to him about several theater solutions in this special time. Rutte indicated that he could not make time.

Weijers: “In the meantime, we have continued to develop our idea. Once the corona test theater was built, the municipality could see with its own eyes that it was safe. Tribute to the municipality of Den Bosch, who, like us, thinks in terms of possibilities and immediately enthusiastically cooperated! ”

Let’s get to work!

Weijers: “To roll out this concept, you need a location with many square meters. Especially since you have to keep three or four groups separate in the logistics process. Every city has a large parking lot where something like that could be done. If you don’t build it up for one performance, but for a week or a month, the costs are manageable. From July 1, this concept can be quickly scaled up to 400 people. Then it will be profitable for many productions to start playing again. ”

Now that the pilot in Den Bosch has been successful, Weijers and his team are already working on fine-tuning! We hope that colleagues in the theater and events industry will also adopt the concept (and improve it where necessary).

Conversation with Minister of Culture Van Engelshoven

Weijers also has a meeting with Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Culture on Wednesday. He will show her this form of theater and present other ideas. Weijers hopes that the Cabinet will give the green light before 1 July for events and performances in which more than 100 people (in a super safe way) are allowed to attend.

Selflessly participated in this pilot:

Guido Weijers (idea and execution)
Coreworks (location and podium)
Movico (mobile theater halls / structures)
Artishock Events (organisation)
1,5 meter loket (corona-advise)
Xtreme LED (LED-screen)
Stage Light (Light and sound)
Oogenlust (Decoration)
Target en Knap werk (promotion and hospitality)
Gemeente ‘s-Hertogenbosch (culture city – south of The Netherlands)
Brunschot Projecten (bestickering)

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