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Managing a fleet can be challenge!

“The process your business uses to manage all fleet and assets. This enables your business to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance across an entire fleet operation.”

We know these challenges

From technical maintenance, improvements, legislation and documentation, there is a lot to think of. Having a 75+ fleet of our own, we know these challenges and realized we can help our clients. REVIT is one of them.

In this article we tell you about fleet management and how we can help you managing your fleet during a Marketing Roadshow or Sport Event.

The service we can deliver

Besides our versatile fleet, we can also be a partner in managing your fleet. This means that we can help you by a complete package of logistics, technical, organizational support on location and of course maintaining your own fleet (trucks and trailers). Together we will look at the goals you want to achieve and how we can transform this into a measurable solution.


Our approach

Throughout the entire cooperation we make sure everything is prearranged in terms of logistics and operations. Think of:

  • Feasibility study,
  • Composing routes,
  • Location checks and bookings,
  • Anything to ensure an excellent execution of each truck tour anywhere at any time.

This allows you to fully focus on the product and the customer from the first minute on location. In addition to our full package of Project Management and Logistics Management skills, we also be the perfect partner for Technical Management and helping you Designing and Realizing a new concept for your fleet.

Our success cases

We already doing this for our customers REV’IT and Grohe. They have their own promotional trailer(s) which they can visit various (sports) events to promote their brand and products every year. The promotional trailer can serve as a showroom, training center, exhibition stand for or create an exclusive venue for important meetings with consumers, industry experts and partners.



Michiel Schamp, Racing Technology Coordinator (REV'IT):

“REV’IT! Racing Technology Center has a permanent residence in the MotoGP paddock and Movico has been taking care of the logistics process for us for several years.

They relieve us in organizing, planning, controlling and assembling and dismantling the two-story truck.

On this way we can fully focus on our own processes and tasks and we are completely relieved of this” …

We are your partner in managing your fleet

Movico is your partner in marketing/promoting your brand. With our extensive fleet of promotional trailers and mobile event structures we offer the possibility to reach, connect, engage and activate your target audience. We take care of everything; from project planning, interior & exterior design and transport to on-site assistance and a personal welcome. Together we transform your event into an experience your audience will never forget!


More information about Fleet Management?

Curious how we can help you managing your fleet or do you want more information about our Fleet Management support?

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