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Logistic planning of a Roadshow

Published on 12 January 2022

There is more to it than you think

Our Logistics Manager, Leon and Client Manager Marketing Events, Noud, give a unique insight into what is going on behind the scenes at Movico. Together we zoom in on everything that is involved in the logistic planning of a Roadshow. After all, this is much more than simply finding the quickest route from A to B. The logistic organization of a roadshow is a big puzzle of the right route, papers and timing. A puzzle that our team loves to solve for every client.

But how exactly do we do that?

1. The initial analysis

An inventory of the client’s needs. That’s where we start. Leon explains briefly: “Clients share their initial plans and ideas with us. Based on that we make a first scan. Together with the client we look at important dates in the planning, locations and countries they want to visit. We examine what makes sense and what doesn’t.” At Movico, we prefer to be involved in the process as early as possible. From our expertise, we take clients through all the important components step by step and we help them to focus on the right things, at the right time.

2. Logical itinerary

According to Leon, the key is of course to look for the most efficient way from one place to another: “We always keep in mind that our Co2 emissions are as minimal as possible. Easily explained, it means that we don’t like to drive around in circles. We ensure that the routing is as efficient as possible in terms of kilometers, time and costs.

3. The right kind of paperwork

That is always a challenge in which Movico has become very experienced. Noud gives some examples: “In some countries you need a visa and special documents to cross the borders. Transport at sea requires special documentation as well. Besides that, you also need to take shipping times into account. By now we know exactly what we need to arrange where.” This is very convenient for our clients. It allows them to focus completely on the content of their roadshow!

4. Time planning

Movico customizes the planning for each client. In terms of timing, there are several things to focus on, says Leon: “First of all, travelling by truck is not the same as travelling by car. The speed limits are different and not every route is accessible for trucks. It therefore takes a little longer to reach your destination. We also think about the most suitable travel days and operational days, we take European holidays hereby in account. These can differ per country. You don’t want an important operational day to fall on a day when everyone is off work.” Would you have thought of this?

5. Staff deployment

At Movico, we value the sustainable employability of our staff and we pay close attention to what is legally permitted. Leon explains: “We comply with the rules regarding driving times, rest periods and working hours. Our people are most important. Without them there is no roadshow! Only with the right balance between work and rest, they can fully commit to the client.” By including this component in the planning process, everything is realistic and achievable and the roadshow runs smoothly.

6. Changeover days for staff

After three weeks our operators are replaced. We do this with an eye on quality; it is important that the operators are sharp, Noud explains. “In addition to sustainable employability of people, we also look at the best way to travel from a planning point of view. When a new shift starts, there are various options available in terms of transportation. Therefor we look at a logical point in the tour schedule.” Leon adds: “That is a location that is easily accessible by international train or airport. By traveling as directly as possible, we reduce travel time. This is not only cost effective, but it also benefits sustainability. If we are in a small town in Spain today and in Barcelona two days later, we choose to replace the operators in the bigger city!”

7. Here we go!

Leon explains how Movico puts the finishing touches to a fantastic roadshow: “We plan a whole week of preparations prior to the start date. The roadshow trailer is then fully transformed into a mobile showroom and training area with the clients brand experience. At this point the interior and the branding are ready and the entire set-up is checked. Extensive testing of systems and functionalities is essential to ensure that our event operators are well prepared. In the preparation week we also always plan a kick-off with the client, train our operators and write a specific set-up and take-down instruction for the client. Once all of that is done, all that remains is providing a good briefing and then we can pack up and go!” By going through these steps with great care, the team ensures that our clients and operators start the roadshow with confidence!

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