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Marketing roadshows for a unique brand experience

Why wait until your customers come to you, while you can also visit them yourself? With a roadshow you can create a unique experience for your target audience at any desired location. You determine the right atmosphere to communicate effectively; from product launch to training, or from brand activation to exhibitions. We support you in your ambition to connect, engage and activate your target audience. Anywhere and anytime!

What is a roadshow?

A roadshow is a series of marketing events that allow you to nationally and internationally reach a large and targeted audience. Compared to a one-day event, a roadshow has an average duration of 6 months. The rapid relocation possibilities make a roadshow a highly flexible marketing tool. You decide where and when your event takes place. Whether this is in the middle of a city centre, directly at the customer’s office or at other challenging locations. With both an eye-catcher on the road and on location you make the most of your marketing budget!

Possibilities for roadshows

With a roadshow you have endless possibilities to create an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience. We are happy to help you find a unique mobile solution that matches the objectives you want to achieve. Think of:

We are your partner

You will need a strong, creative concept in order to successfully organize a marketing roadshow. Together we will look at the goals you want to achieve and how we can transform this into a concrete project. Our total package of services ensures that we find the right set up for your marketing roadshow; one creates an unforgettable experience. We help you with:

  • Design and realization of a strong, creative concept
  • Developing branding and interior that matches your corporate identity
  • Planning, applications for border documentation and permits
  • Quick set-up and dismantling so that you can visit many locations in a short amount of time

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