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Mobile vaccination truck for OTTO Work Force

Published on 13 July 2021

In just 1 week we have converted our Expo Trailer into a mobile vaccination truck for our client OTTO Work Force.

GGD Limburg-Noord and OTTO Work Force have started a collaboration to vaccinate migrants in the region North-Limburg. They do this with the Expo Trailer that wil serve as a mobile vaccination truck.

With this initiative they want to lower the vaccination threshold for migrants and increase the vaccination rate in the Netherlands. Migrant workers often live, work and move in groups so it is crucial for this group to be vaccinated.

Frank van Gool, CEO van OTTO Work Force is pleased with the initiative: “Vaccination of our employees is an extremely important point for OTTO. That is precisely why we actively go to the labor migrants.”.

The mobile vaccination truck visits the various residential locations in North-Limburg where labor migrants reside. Not only the employees of OTTO Work Force are welcome, but also the international employees of other companies in the region.

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