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Product Launch? Huawei says yes!

Published on 19 February 2018

The chance to launch your latest products for customers at the door in your own unique experience centre… What’s not to like? We look back on a successful 2017 roadshow.

Last year, we organized a roadshow with Huawei for the 3rd year running. Huawei uses this marketing tool to launch its latest products among current and prospective customers. Right at the door and in a unique Huawei experience setting. In 2017, we went to 29 locations in 17 East and North European countries within a 5-month period. 3,300 employees of 67 customers and prospects were able to experience and try out the latest products.

The big advantage for Huawei? The undivided attention of their customers and prospects for their brand and products. And that’s not all: no fewer than 774,000 motorists saw the Huawei roadshow truck passing by. A superb opportunity to use the outside of the truck as a mobile billboard.

The roadshow adventure started for Huawei and Movico in February 2017 with the creation of an exterior and interior design. The next step was to transform this design into reality with our interior builder and signing partner. Plenty of attention was also paid to the logistics aspect. Our Logistics Project Manager mapped out a route, prepared the customs documents, booked ferry crossings, and much more. The entire process from design to realisation was overseen from Movico by an experienced project manager in order to relieve the burden of Huawei’s marketing manager as much as possible. In April 2017 the Huawei experience centre left the premises in Deurne with our operations coordinator and set off for Greece: Huawei’s starting point for the roadshow.

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