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beMatrix – Academy Tour

To ‘… make the lives of stand builders easier and to provide comfort’ we created a unique roadshow concept which enabled beMatrix to explain the advantages of their innovative frame system. beMatrix toured through entire Europe to tell their modular story with endless possibilities to their customers and prospects.

For this roadshow we transformed our Expo Mobile into a mobile showroom in which all solutions of the original frame with big holes were integrated: 360° configuration, Panelskin walls, seamless textile infills, lightboxes, dynamic LEDskin® and more.

In 12 stops spread out over the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Poland and Germany, we visited unique and strategic locations. Visitors could experience the state-of-the-art frame system including the advantages for stand building, events, pop-up stores etc. in a personal and interactive way. After the Academy, visitors got an exclusive tour behind the scenes of impressive sports stadiums and event venues.

Live contact, knowledge sharing and discovering and experiencing state-of-the-art solutions were key during the Academy tour. The roadshow allowed beMatrix to make the most of each point of contact with their visitors. The perfect way to reach customers and prospects!

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