NTT - Client Experience Center - Movico

NTT – Client Experience Center

Dimension Data returned to her roots in South Africa with a mobile Client Experience Centre to demonstrate the best of digital technology to clients and how data can speed up digital ambitions across all industries.

Dimension Data and Movico tackled this move in a big way. The entire Client Experience Centre was shipped ‘ready to go’, meaning all logistical details had to be in order and local regulations had to be followed to the letter. And once off the boat, Movico continued to support the roadshow

The trip didn’t end there! Dimension Data will continue its road trip through the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg and we organize multiple events in France and the rest of Europe.

The Movico team is along for this ride, from start to finish, relieving Dimension Data of all logistics like planning, transport, construction and dismantling and the necessary documentation.


Client: NTT (Dimension Data)

Scope: Europe + South-Africa

Objective: Product demonstration & brand activation

Logistics: 1 unit & 1 operator

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