Flanders Classics - Movico

Flanders Classics

The Flanders Classics organizes 6 classic racing events throughout Belgium and we are a proud partner in delivering so many of the VIP, hospitality and sports facilities!

  • Hospitality | Press | Mobile offices | Stages
  • Each year; 6 events in 8 weeks
  • Multi | Press Unit | Mobile Office | 3-in-1 combination

The final finishing stretch for each race needs a VIP hospitality & meeting area, press centres and a finish gantry. And, especially developed for this event, an extra-large stage for more space and exposure. All this to secure the corporate identity of the race and its sponsors!

Every billboard and m2 is utilized to promote sponsors, teams and allow spectators to closely follow the race. And, above all that, the complete set-up is transformed into the new look and feel of every race, while keeping the same constant finish line.

This is where our talents as leading specialist in solutions for sports events really come to fruition!


CustomerFlanders Classics

Scope: Belgium

Objective: Temporary event location(s)

Logistics: 3+ structures per event

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