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GROHE – Truck Tour

Quality, technology, design and sustainability – those are the four pillars of GROHE. With extremely high-quality standards GROHE continually aims to bring the best to her clients. And nowadays GROHE brings the best to her clients around the world with the GROHE Truck Tour.

  • Worldwide
  • 4 years
  • More than 1.000 events in 45 countries

Throughout the entire tour we make sure everything is prearranged in terms of logistics and operations. Think of: feasibility study, composing routes, location checks and bookings, anything to ensure an excellent execution of each truck tour in all GROHE sales regions.

A product demonstration on a Grand scale, with capital G. Four trucks make their way through Europa, Russia and Northern Africa to present and demonstrate the latest products and innovations within the sanitary industry. Each set-up, either at private events or large exhibitions, was designed to speak to both end-users and retailers, as well as advising & training the engineers responsible for installing the products.

GROHE is committed to creating exceptional experiences – and they chose Movico!


Visitors: 250.000

Scope: Over 1.000 events in 45 countries worldwide

Objective:  Mobile Showroom – Product demonstration

Logistics: 4 trucks


Do you want more information about this project?

Ask your question to our Marketing Roadshow Specialist, Noud van de Mortel. Noud is happy to tell you more about this special project.