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Hammer Series – Revolutionary Cycling

Hammer Series is a dynamic and revolutionary, new racing format where teams race against each other in several disciplines. However, this format really looks after the fans and viewers. Designed with them in mind, it delivers a fast and easy format for both new and experienced fans of the sport.

In line with the fan-oriented frame of mind that the Hammer Series follows, we set up a VIP hospitality unit for them to welcome all guests with a snack and a drink, overlooking the finish line. The mobile finish gantry, decked out in sponsor logos, was also equipped with LED screens, keeping the spectators continually informed of the team’s progress, creating a real connection.

With the added press unit (and those LED screens, of course) we were able to get maximum ROI in terms of media exposure for the Series’ sponsors and produce a new experience.


Klant:  Infront
Bereik:  3 European countries
Doel:  Temporary Event Location(s)
Logistiek:  2 units & 4 operators


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