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Huawei – building a better connected world

To achieve “…a better connected world” Movico developed a tailormade roadshow concept which enabled Huawei to connect and engage with its customers and resellers. Huawei toured through Eastern and Western Europe to inform her customers of the latest innovations in communications. Using one of the Expo Mobiles Huawei was able to personally visit her customers’ offices and demonstrate all her capabilities at the same time.

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Each mobile showroom was equipped with state-of-the-art Huawei network and communication systems, touched up with the company’s choice of personal style. Visitors to the roadshow could follow demonstrations and try out the products to their heart’s content.

The roadshow allowed the company to make the most out of each point of contact with their visitors. And through this close and personal presentation of the new systems, Huawei was in a great position to strengthen her bond with customers and resellers throughout the continent and drive its sales.

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