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Hyundai – WRC Rally Tour

Hyundai challenged us to design and create the unique and innovative tool for their tour of multiple WRC rally events at various locations in Europe. A mobile solution that stands out and with which Hyundai can activate its brand but also generate more engagement.

Hyundai really stood out with the luxurious promo stand, where people really stepped into the world of Hyundai upon entering. Everyone was immersed in the story of the brand in an innovative, fun and playful way.

Our Giant Expo was used, a promotion trailer with two floors: the ground floor as a museum where people can learn about Hyundai’s history in WRC. The top floor shows the Hyundai brand experience: playing (racing) games on tablets and play-seats, getting to know Hyundai in a playful way. A green screen is also integrated where people were part of the experience, as if they were in the car themselves.

Completing the route through the promo booth will take you to the merchandise store, where as a true Hyundai fan you can find any product you like so you don’t forget this unique experience!


Customer: Hyundai motorsport

Scope: Europe

Objective: Brand awareness

Logistics: 1 structure – 2 operators


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