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KNVB – Orange Experience

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) is bringing the Europe Cup to your football club’s doorstep! Allowing you to test your knowledge about the Dutch Orange Lionesses and experience the Cup like never before.

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2017 turned out to be a successful year for women’s football in The Netherlands after they won the UEFA Women’s Championships final against Denmark. And to celebrate their success the KNVB and Movico launched the Orange Experience – as real an experience as if you were there. Goosebumps guaranteed!

We designed and created a mobile dressing room, fitted with innovative VR goggles to take you back to their feats during the cup. The team tried the set-up out themselves and were suitably impressed.

From November 2017, you can see this van driving around the country, testing the Euro Cup knowledge among its visitors at multiple matches in The Netherlands. Discover where you can find the Orange Experience.


Customer: KNVB

Scope: The Netherlands

Objective: Creating awareness

Logistics: 1 unit (self-drive)

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