Palfinger - Lifting Lifetime Excellence - Movico

Palfinger – Lifting Lifetime Excellence

A meeting of two exemplary giants in their respective fields: Palfinger in the lifting business and Movico in the mobility industry. Palfinger approached us to help them launch a world premiere – the presentation of the largest all-terrain access platform in the world – at the international trade fair APEX in 2017.

Palfinger is in the business of large operations, which is why this exhibition was designed to match in a unique set-up for this industry. Visitors to this stand were treated to an experience, allowing them to personally feel the sensation of standing on an access platform several meters in the air. They could also experience the advantages of the P 1000 functions on location and explore the new generation of diagnostic and configuration tools.

In an exhibition space filled to the brim with tall giants it was truly important for the Palfinger stand to shine and attract attention. We chose to add a lovely buffet and hospitality area for the visitors to enjoy themselves, as well as an upstairs meeting area to sit down with customers separately.

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