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PerkinElmer – Proteomics Tour

PerkinElmer, a leading global company committed to a healthier world, is going on tour with the Genomics and Proteomics roadshow. Their goal? Shake up the market by reaching out to their customers and positioning themselves in a unique way.

We transformed our Expo Mobile into a mobile lab demonstrating the most innovative solutions in Genomics and Proteomics. State-of-the-art laboratory instruments are installed in the trailer that allow visitors to test their own samples. With workshops, product demonstrations and advanced presentations from experts, visitors get a clear picture of how PerkinElmer can help automate work processes.

PerkinElmer visited 35 locations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. The trailer visits various trade fairs, conferences and Biotech / Science parks. All this to directly approach laboratory professionals, scientists and clinicians and to introduce them to the latest products.


Customer: Perkin Elmer

Scope: Europe

Objective: Product demonstration

Logistics: 1 truck

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Ask your question to our Marketing Roadshow Specialist, Noud van de Mortel. Noud is happy to tell you more about this special project.