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SAP – The Immersive Experience Room

SAP’s purpose became our purpose, improving the world and improve people’s lives, SAP had a great idea and we we’re the right partner to help them make their idea into a reality.

Within 90-days we went from concept idea to execution of this project, the room was fully equipped with high end video and audio systems, a work / tv touch table, and showcases for machine learning, blockchain tech, internet of things and all of that at the doorstep of the costumer. We created a lab on wheels!

The concept of the mobile Immersive Experience room has proven its value for multiple purposes, such as VIP presentations, sales pitches, product training, employee on-boarding and strategic decision-making processes. In addition to these value’s we were able to connect them with an even broader audience.

We made sure we delivered the right tool for SAP to give them the ability for connecting to everyone, everywhere at any time.

The mobile experience room has been on the road for over a year now:

20.000+ km
11 countries
55 stops in 43 cities
2.500+ visitors
320+ customers
20+ developed apps
140+ pieces of media coverage
1.000+ mentions in social media.

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