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SAP – The Immersive Experience Room

The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Truck Tour brings new technologies like machine learning, block-chain and the Internet of Things to the streets. One can Experience digital transformation live and be inspired by individual scenarios for companies/industries in the mobile SAP Immersive Experience Room.

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  • Europe
  • 11 countries in 2 years
  • 55 events in 43 citites

Visitors find themselves in a closed room equipped with high-end audio and video technology. During various content stories, they are surrounded by custom made 360 degree video, imagery, animations and special effects. Sessions can be moderated via an oversized multi-touch table, on which a 3D model is displayed. Next to pre-loaded content, moderators can also upload their own material and present these in multi-layer projection mode on each wall in the room.

The concept of the mobile Immersive Experience room has proven its value for multiple purposes, such as VIP presentations, sales pitches, product training, employee on-boarding and strategic decision-making processes. In addition to these value’s we were able to connect them with an even broader audience.

Not only is the roadshow a major step forward for SAP in terms of digital brand experience, it also helps communicate SAP technologies to a much wider target audience. Thanks to the roadshow, SAP can now bring this unique customer experience to other cities and countries as well.

When asked about the value Immersive Experience brings to customers, Nicole Burhenne, vice president of Strategic Programs for SAP Digital Core, said: “Customers see a different SAP. We are able to explain complex topics in a simple and personalized way and guide our customers on their intelligent enterprise journey. And our customers appreciate the clarity.” The Immersive Experience is delivering collaboration and experimentation closer than ever to SAP’s clients.

The mobile experience room has been on the road for over a year now:

20.000+ km
11 countries
55 stops in 43 cities
2.500+ visitors
320+ customers
20+ developed apps
140+ pieces of media coverage
1.000+ mentions in social media


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Ask your question to our Marketing Roadshow Specialist, Noud van de Mortel. Noud is happy to tell you more about this special project.