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Valeo On Tour

Valeo kicked off their roadshow ‘Valeo on Tour’ at the AutoTechnica trade fair in Brussels in March 2016. The biggest trade fair for automotive professionals in the Benelux. The goal? To really bring home the expertise and quality of Valeo’s products and systems.

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The interior of this roadshow was one for the record books! Each person to set foot inside is immediately wowed by the centre piece in the room. This see-through car proved to be the perfect tool to demonstrate the versatility of Valeo’s products.

Several products were also displayed on the walls to give visitors an impression of all that Valeo can do, supplemented with instructional videos. In addition, this unique mobile showroom also contained a second level where Valeo’s staff could give comprehensive presentations to those interested as well as product and sales trainings.

Once the trade fair ended, our team simply started the engine and drove the roadshow to other fairs in Europe and even Russia. And not just fairs either, the roadshow’s mobility made it easily possible to visit all their customers and resellers in Europe. Talk about smart technology for smarter cars, or in this case, marketing! The ultimate live communication tool to connect and engage with all your stakeholders!

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