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Valvoline – Innovation on Tour

Honouring 150 years in the industry, Valvoline took to the road to celebrate and present its newest products. Over a period of 12 weeks, Valvoline invited partners and relations to take a look inside, listen to demonstrations and get to know the products, all while enjoying some delicious drinks and snacks.

The set-up used here allowed for the unique combination of presentations and product displays. With a downstairs area for welcoming guests, displaying products and having informative chats with clients, and an upstairs area for product demonstrations and informative talks to a larger crowd.

The Giant Expo 2 really is a Giant in every sense of the word. A sizable eye-catcher, if you want. Taking the visitors through 150 years of Valvoline, via branding, transformation and product presentations, there’s not much this roadshow can’t handle.

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