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Ziggo eBattle F1 tour

How to reach and activate millennials? By combining games and sports! For VodafoneZiggo we launched the Ziggo eBattle F1 truck in which participants can race against each other on the Grand Prix to become the ‘best sim racer of the Netherlands’.

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We designed and created the ultimate Max Verstappen feeling in our objective. One of our partners created a virtual racing circuit fitted with F1 simulators. Seated in these simulators, participants race for #TeamDoornbos or #TeamCoronel. The orange branding on the outside of the trailer creates maximum awareness, expanding the F1 activation even more.

Ziggo kicked off their eBattle Tour in April 2018 and is currently taking over the country by visiting millennials at festivals, F1 circuits, soccer games and other places where they can be found. The goal? To draw their attention and let them connect and engage with F1 sports. Curious where you can find the eBattle truck? Take a look at the F1 calendar and show your race talent!