ECCO Roadshow

With this promotional roadshow ECCO chooses an efficient marketing tool to improve its position in the sports shoes market. This mobile showroom has already been touring around Europe for 3 years to visit sports events, outdoor exhibitions and city centres.

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ECCO Roadshow | Present at numerous golf events

ECCO Roadshow | Promotion Trailer at night

ECCO Roadshow | On location in city centres

ECCO Roadshow | Equipped with the latest LED lighting

ECCO Roadshow | Product Presentation

ECCO Roadshow | Direct B2C Sales

ECCO Roadshow | Promotion trailer during Transport

ECCO Roadshow | In action in Copenhagen (DK) during Iron Man

ECCO Roadshow | Stage for Speeches to the Public

ECCO Roadshow | Product Demonstration

ECCO Roadshow | Satisfied Customers in Denmark


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