Giro d'Italia

Since 2006 Movico facilitates the organisation of the Giro with different structures for VIP Hospitality and Press and Media at start and finish locations. The Giro takes 3 weeks, every day a set-up in a different location.

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Giro d'Italia | Present at the finish with two hospitality units and a press unit

Giro d'Italia | Hospitality with LED screens on location

Giro d'Italia | Pressroom

Giro d'Italia | Hospitality room including roof terrace overlooking the race

Giro d'Italia | Guests enjoying a drink and small dishes

Giro d'Italia | Interior is adapted to Giro colours as well

Giro d'Italia | Finish location

Giro d'Italia | The roof terrace is intensively used to follow the race

Giro d'Italia | Even from the roof terrace people experience the Giro culture

Giro d'Italia | VIP Hospitality at every finish location, the so called Giro Club

Giro d'Italia | VIP Hospitality at every start location

Giro d'Italia | Located in front of historic buildings to create beautiful shots on television - VIP hospitality at the start

Giro d'Italia | Commentary boxes fully branded with camera arm connected to the unit to make nice shots of the finish

Giro d'Italia | Frontrow places from one of the balconies of the Hospitality Unit

Giro d'Italia | Finding the right spot to set-up the VIP hospitality unit

Giro d'Italia | The first riders to finish under our Mobile Finish Arch in Belfast

Giro d'Italia l At every finish 2 enormous multi floor hospitality trailers with integrated outdoor LED screens

Giro d'Italia l Great view from the terraces of the VIP hospitality units

Giro d'Italia | Also inside the VIP hospitality is the look and feel from the Giro d'Italia integrated


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