Nutritrion and health roadshow by the NISB in cooperation with the Voedingscentrum and other partners. In a period of two years the WEEBI Bus visited over 200 events, including many trade shows.

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NISB - WEEBI Bus | Outdoor Location

In the WEEBI Bus the audience is informed about their energy balance and the effect thereof on their weight via an interactive experience. What is the most effective balance between sport and body weight? (B2C)

NISB - WEEBI Bus | Indoor Location

NISB - WEEBI Bus | Reception Area

NISB - WEEBI Bus | Ground Floor: Information and Demonstration

NISB - WEEBI Bus | Upper Floor Gym

NISB - WEEBI Bus | Health Test

NISB - WEEBI Bus | Session with Instructor


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