Valvoline 2016

In honour of the 150th anniversary of prominent and innovative oil specialist Valvoline, Movico launched a 12-week roadshow through Europe for the training and demonstration of the latest products from Valvoline. The Giant Expo 2 made an indelible impression on its guests.

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Valvoline 2016 | The second floor fully furnished as a presentation area for a large number of guests

Valvoline 2016 | The Giant Expo 2 on location in Romania

Valvoline 2016 | The lower floor furnished and decorated to welcome guests

Valvoline 2016 | Products are presented so that guests can immediately take a look upon arrival

Valvoline 2016 | A hospitality area has also been created outside for guests to have a chat afterwards

Valvoline 2016 | 150 years Valvoline briefly and concisely displayed

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