Zurich Insurance @ Ferma 2015

In 2015, Zurich Insurance participated in the risk management fair Ferma in Venice. In cooperation with Movico the eye-catcher outside of the exhibition centre was provided. In combination with a hospitality area and separate offices, the Giant Expo 2 offered the solution to the ultimate goal: personal attention for the customer. In addition, ample space was created in the reception area for the presentation of the latest applications.

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Zurich Insurance @ Ferma | The Giant Expo 2 as eye-catcher with an additional hospitality area for the guests outside the trailer

Zurich Insurance @ Ferma | Necessary devices installed in order to demonstrate the new applications of Zurich

Zurich Insurance @ Ferma | Seperate offices on the second floor for individual conversations with guests

Zurich Insurance @ Ferma | Personal explanation & demonstration of the new applications

Zurich Insurance @ Ferma | Ample, open space to welcome the guests on the first floor

Zurich Insurance @ Ferma | One office on the second floor furnished especially for VIP guests

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