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Roadshow Marketing: how to hit the road!

Three boxes to thick and help you kick-start your roadshow

When you are considering to organise a roadshow, there are probably a lot of questions popping up in your head. You want to deliver a strong, creative concept that at least reaches the KPI’s you would normally meet with any other marketing activities. But where to begin?

We have listed three steps to help you get started.

Set your targets 

What are your objectives? We might be stating the obvious, but not different from any other marketing activity such as an online campaign, exhibition or event, your Key Performance Indicators are the first thing to start with. Are you looking to push the number of (potential) customers? Increase your brand awareness? Boost the sales of your products? Engage your employees?

But a roadshow gives you also the possibility to combine targets. Most important: make them concrete and measurable. So, when the roadshow has come to an end, you are able to determine the ROI and show some results!


Determine your target audience 

Having set your objectives helps you to determine who you want to reach. It can be an existing list of (key) customers or prospects that you want to get a face-2-face conversation with. Or maybe you are focusing on B2C and want to identify and activate them. Once you know this ask yourself two questions: where are they located and how you can reach out to them?

Now you are able to define your roadmap. If you want to be at your customer’s doorstep, the locations are clear. Don’t forget: you can still ad exhibitions or other business events in between to contribute to some of your other goals. Is your audience B2C, you will probably be looking at high traffic locations. Not sure which ones would be the best? Leave it to us!

And don’t be afraid to cross borders. We will take you safe and secure you through Europe and beyond.


Create your story 

Finally, we can start on creating the actual experience! This is, at least for most of us marketeers or event managers, the most fun. What kind of message do you want to deliver? And in what way do you want your customers/prospect to engage or be activated?

Based on your goals, we help you to determine which mobile event structure would be most suitable. One floor, two floors, separate areas or one big ample space; everything is possible. Starting with your brand book, product or services and a brainstorm of ideas we can provide you with a full concept design, both inside and outside. Want to do it yourself? No problem either.

All boxes ticked?! Then you are ready to start and hit the road!

Want to discover the possibilities?

Get in touch with our roadshow specialist, Noud van de Mortel! With more than 12,5 years of experience he can answer all your questions and help you to hit the road with your own Marketing Roadshow!


How we can help to decrease your team’s workload?

These steps are primarily internally focused, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. We can guide you through every step of the way and support you when you need it most. Our full-service model ensures we find the right set up for your marketing roadshow; one that creates an unforgettable experience. We can help you with:

  • Design and realization of a strong, creative concept
  • Developing branding and interior that matches your corporate identity
  • Planning, location search, applications for border documentation and permits
  • Quick set-up and dismantling so you can visit many locations in a short amount of time

Not sure yet if a roadshow is the right tool for you? Check five reasons why a roadshow is a safe, personal, cost-efficient and flexible marketing tool.