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Brand experience lab to create impact

The unique operation made possible by our fleet of mobile experience centers creates the perfect opportunity to achieve a personal connection with your target audience. One that will ensure your brand resonates.

Brand experience by means of a roadshow

We live in a digital era in which every piece of information is instantly accessible at our fingertips. It becomes harder for you as a brand to create real impact on target groups. Why enter the online competition or wait until your target audience comes to you, while you can also visit them yourself with an experience lab? Create an extraordinary experience with your products or services by visiting your target audience right at their doorstep and allow them to get in touch with your brand.

Create a unique experience

Invite your guests and business partners, offer drinks and snacks and give them your undivided attention. Our mobile solutions can transform into a showroom to experience products, a set-up made for inspirational demonstrations or even a concert hall. The personal approach combined with the created experience will make real impact on your target audience.

We are your partner

A unique concept ensures that you will establish brand experience and remain top of mind at your target audience. Together we will translate your wishes and needs into a mobile solution that matches the goals you are after. From a to z, we arrange that you have the right set-up for the ultimate brand experience. Our services include:

  • A unique creative concept that fits with your corporate identity
  • Developing the branding and interior of the trailer in the look and feel of your brand
  • Planning and applications for border documentation and permits
  • Quick set-up and dismantling so that you can visit many locations in a short amount of time
  • Excellent technical and organizational support on site