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Product launch to showcase innovations

Choose from any of our rentals to showcase your product. Our versatile fleet of roadshow trailers can fulfil many expectations and heighten any and all customer experiences.

A roadshow for product launch

Promoting your product and educating the end consumer, while demonstrating the latest innovations, it can be achieved in one roadshow. Whatever your product, be it small appliances and services, or large industrial machines, any mobile facility can be equipped to establish live communication with your audience. At absolutely any location.

Fully customized mobile showroom

Demonstrate your products by means of a mobile showroom. The direct approach allows you to give visitors your undivided attention, each moment of contact is used to the fullest extent to promote or activate your brand.

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Product launch possibilities

Whether you are looking to excite and inspire your desired target group or just to widen your product’s exposure, each roadshow is flexible in terms of route, size and set-up. A product launch tour is suitable for many industries, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Whitegoods products
  • Electronics

We are your product launch partner

We offer you a complete package of creative, logistical, technical and organizational support on site, so that you can fully concentrate on your customers and visitors at all times. From concept to implementation, we think along with you. The interior and exterior of the mobile showroom are fully customized to your wishes and brand identity. We make sure your product launch tour becomes a true experience!