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Sponsor activation at sports events

Reach your target audience through sponsoring at sport events! This seems like an obvious statement, but how do you ensure your brand gets plenty of exposure and interaction with the fans out there? Send us a briefing and we come up with a creative concept proposal based on the ideal configuration.

Why sponsor activation?

With sponsor activation you will make real impact on the visitors of your event. Make sure you brand stands out and that visitors feel that they are part of a unique experience. Our mobile solutions are suitable for various purposes: from networking possibilities to large activation in which interaction with fans and visitiors is key. We will ensure everything is set in the look-and-feel that matches the corporate identity of your brand.

Have a look at our most popular mobile facilities for sponsor activation:

Triple deck structure

The triple deck sponsor unit is the perfect solution to engage with visitors and fans nearby. Additionally, you can provide sponsor and media partners ultimate exposure by displaying logos on the unit. The unit has two roof terraces which serve as VIP decks and provides a great view over the event. LED screen integration offers the possibility to follow the event with a hospitality area outside the facility.

  • Triple deck unit with more than 100m2 floor surface
  • Facility for 150 persons

Giant double deck structure

With a floor area of more than 140m2, the giant sponsor unit is ideal to receive guests, improve awareness and recognition among fans and promoting sports to the public. Or take it a step further and use this mobile facility to provide pre and post-race relaxation for your sports team and staff.

  • Set up within 2 hours
  • Facility for 150 persons

Mobile experience structure

We can help you to create a brand activation at any desired event. Elements such brand awareness, fan engagement and relationship management will all come together our mobile experience units. The units are double expandable and can be installed within an extreme short amount of time (15 minutes!). Perfect if you need a facility that is flexible in use and placement.

  • Mobile brand experience ready to go in 15 minutes
  • Double expandable

Expo mobile structure

Looking for a versatile mobile facility to create a brand and sponsor activation that fosters engagement with your target audience? With 7 different configurations in our fleet, there are endless possibilities for accomplishing the desired goals of your brand or organization.

  • Total floor space between 40 and 70m2, depending on the type of unit
  • Facility for 80 persons

What can we do for you?

When creating the ultimate sponsor activation at a sports event we first look at which objectives you want to achieve and which mobile facility is most suitable. With our total package of services we ensure you will have strong sponsor activation. We take care of:

  • A creative concept that is in line with your objectives including consultation about the best mobile facility
  • (Full wrap) branding in line with your brand, sponsors and media partners
  • Planning, applications for border documentation and permits
  • Quick set-up and dismantling of the unit at challenging locations and circumstances
  • Technical and organizational support on site