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Vip hospitality units for every type of event

At Movico you are at the right place for the rental and supply of hospitality units. With our versatile fleet we offer for every event the possibility to receive your guests. From 40 to 140 m2 surface, 1, 2 or 3 storeys, fully customizable to your own wishes. Our hospitality units guarantee a VIP experience to remember and will strengthen your corporate identity and sponsorship.

Vip hospitality for the ultimate sports experience

When organizing a sports event, lots of factors and parties are involved. Your vip guests must be received in a correct and impressive way and everything must be taken care of. Think of food and beverage, a location close to the heart of your event, a second floor with perfect sight on track and LED integration for an experience outside the trailer. There are many options for creating an ultimate experience with regards to hospitality. We have more than 60 different hospitality trailers at your disposal, so there is always a possibility to receive vip guests in a representative and impressive way. Have a look at our most popular mobile solutions:

Triple deck hospitality unit

Looking for a way to receive your guests and simultaneously provide them a great view over your sports event? The triple deck hospitality unit has two roof terraces including sunshades. LED integration offers the possibility to follow the event with a hospitality area outside the facility or to showcase your brand or the partners of your event. Time for business? Our private meeting room offers you the possibility to create a serious setting with your business relation.

  • Set up in 2 hours
  • Facility for 150 persons

Giant hospitality unit

Create an unforgettable experience for your vip guests with the giant hospitality unit. With 2 storeys and many windows, you can create a premium hospitality brand look that turns your brand into a real eye-catcher. Impress your guests by providing a bite and beverage or a complete lunch. We design and furnish special areas for these purposes.

  • Total floor surface of +140 m2 can be created
  • Facility for 150 persons

Medium hospitality unit

The medium hospitality unit has two floors and is the perfect solution to offer press and media partners a well-equipped workplace. In less than 1 hour this mobile brand experience is ready to go!

  • Set up in less than 1 hour
  • Facility for 60 persons in a VIP setting
  • 15 working positions when the unit is used as premium office

XL hospitality Dome

The XL hospitality Dome has an impressive appearance, is easy accessible and is ideal if you want to invite many guests. For every occasion we can create a unique and impressive design. By combining two medium units with an enormous flex tent a total floor space of 680m2 can be created! Too large? No problem! We can also create a set-up of 255m2 with one medium hospitality expanded with a flex tent.

  • Modular set-up possibilities, e.g., 575m2 floor surface in XL tent, 36m2 downstairs in units, 72m2 upstairs in units, 5m2 in kitchen
  • Facility for 450 VIP guests

Giant XL

Together with theĀ Expo Pavilion sets the Giant XL a new standard in the Luxury Hospitality segment. In 1 single transport, with 2 pair of hands and within 3 hours a 45-foot container unit transforms into a triple deck venue with the volume of six 45-foot containers and viewing deck on top.

  • Facility of (over) 180 m2
  • One 45ft container in transport
  • Three floors
  • Transforms in just 3 hours
  • Viewing deck with a capacity for 55 people
  • Ability to drop off on the ground for accessibility