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Mobile offices for all crews

We take care of crews of any size and shape. Our multifunctional units are suitable for teams ranging from 5 to 40 individuals, spread out over separate offices, or one big suite. You decide which set-up of the office trailer you need, from ‘concentrate hard and think big’ mobile offices to units with a great view over the event.

Mobile offices for various purposes

Our mobile offices can be used for many purposes. Are you looking for a work area, medical control unit or media production unit? Together we look for the right set up based on the type of event and the goals you want to achieve. From extendable, non-extendable, open or closed offices, our multifunctional units are suitable for any type of event.

Custom made mobile office

Depending on the purpose of your event we provide a tailor-made transformation of your mobile. For example, we can create a technical office including internet cabling, server installations and flexible working desks. We can also arrange a mobile office equipped with toilet, bathrooms, waiting rooms and office for the staff – all UCI-certified.

  • Multifunctional unit: mobile studio, mobile office, medial control station and more
  • Facilities for 5 to 40 persons
  • Suitable for any location

Succes example: IT & timing services office

Each timing & IT services unit is set up from top to bottom, including wiring and cabling, server installations and other technical facilities. We provide you with all the essentials to ensure that your team can perform excellent IT and timing services at any desired location. Have a look at the IT & timing services office of NTT – Dimension Data.

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Rent mobile offices at Movico

If you are planning to rent a mobile office for your event, we will first look at your objectives and how we can best help you helping achieve those. Our total package of services ensure that you can provide a mobile facility for teams up to 50 persons. Our services include:

  • More than 50 multifunctional offices, suitable for all teams
  • Design and realization of branding and interior, as well technical, medical as practical
  • Planning, applying for permits and providing border documentation
  • On site technical and organizational support to ensure a quick setup and dismantling of your mobile office