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Mobile stage for every sports event

Celebrating an athlete’s finest moment! Where would a sports event be without its heroes and its fans? In order to bring home the warm connection between media, fans and athletes, we have just the right set-up for any event.

Celebrate it at your sports event

Looking for the perfect solution for team presentations, ceremonies or entertainment? We have various possibilities at your disposal. Choose from stages with full wrap branding, with or without LED & sound technology and 7 different backdrops. Looking for extra exposure? With our XL mobile stage we can double the stage area.

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Key facts mobile stage

Our stages include a backstage area, professional sound system and stairs on both side. We can set up different, automatic controlled backdrops to put your commercial partners in the spotlight. Accordingly, we arrange a custom-made (full wrap) branding of the stage which is in line with your corporate identity, ensures a perfect exposure on the event and displays all your sponsors.

  • Set-up time: 1 hour
  • Optional: branding, integrated LED system

Looking for a complete finish line?

We offer the possibility to rent 3 mobile facilities, all transported in one truck-and-trailer combination:

This way, you do not only have a complete finish line, but you also save costs on fuel, toll and local permissions. All facilities can be set-up with 2 operators in less than 4 hours.

Our services

If you’re planning to arrange a mobile stage for your sports events, we will first look at your main objectives and the type of stage that is suitable to achieve those. Our total package of services ensures that that you will have the right set-up for your event. Our services include:

  • The right branding of the mobile stage
  • Planning, applying for permits and provide the border documentation
  • Perfect set-up in challenging areas such as the mountains and at locations with limited space
  • Technical and organizational support on site