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Media & press units

Live media productions have more demanding followers, fans and viewers than ever. We have a versatile fleet of media trailers ready to offer your partners a well-equipped workplace for commentators, journalists, reporters and producers. Whether your event needs a press center, a studio for interviews, or a technical support trailer, we’ve got it!

Our fleet of press- and media units:

Double deck press unit

Our double deck press units provide a great sight on the track and can be placed almost everywhere, even on a location with height differences. With 5 commentary positions on the ground floor (2 persons each position) and 6 commentary positions on the first floor (3 persons each position), the press center can be used for both jury and timing activities.

  • Set up in 1 hour
  • Standard equipped with chairs, separation walls and cabling for internet use

Mobile television studio

In need of a mobile television studio for your sports events? Our units are suitable for many purposes; from the recording of live television, a studio for interviews to shooting raw footage for post-production. In addition, we can create several areas for noise, technical and practical reasons.

  • Wide range of possibilities: from medium sized or large to giant mobile tv studio’s
  • Climate control system is standard integrated
  • Optional: integrated toilet, rigging solutions to mount lights, cameras etc.


Media production unit

Ever thought of using a media trailer for broadcast solutions during sports events? Together we can create a media production unit to deliver live capturing for public and commercial broadcasters.

  • Set up in less than 1 hour
  • Working positions for 25 persons

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