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The environmental impact of events and how to improve

Published on 3 March 2021

We all long for the moment we can come together again at an exhibition, tradeshow or employee event and share our ideas, new products, innovations and connect with one another. Studies show there are globally approximately 32.000 exhibitions each year, with 4.5 million companies and attracting over 303 million visitors. The economic importance is inevitable, but what is the environmental impact of coming together on such large scale and how can you do this safe and covid-proof?

Taking part of an exhibition or tradeshow requires a lot of work and preparation and also has a huge impact on the environment. The impact of a Roadshow on the environment is significantly less than participating an international exhibition and also safer. We will find our way to your clients with one single transport, a circular design and only one event operator to make a success of your Roadshow event every day, at every doorstep. A tailor made mobile stand with all of your products showcased at once. With one customized Roadshow trailer and an efficient tour schedule you can meet all your potential customers, individual and covid-proof at their doorstep.

So, how can we improve?

Even though we all managed with online events, livestreams and team-meetings, the impact and value of face-2-face contact has therefor been recognized even more the past year. Therefore 3 recommendations how to organize your event anyway, but limit your environmental impact:

1. Combine events
Have a good look at your year calendar and see if there are any events which you can combine. Especially if you organize events for multiple departments in different countries. This way you limit the travel movements to only a few occasions, which reduces the CO2 emission significantly. 

2. Be smart with what you design and use
When creating a new look & feel for a product launch, seminar, training or employee event, be critical towards your design. Can you easily change elements which doesn’t require you to remake a whole stand? Create something that is modular: easily adaptable in size, design, cultural or language preferences and so on.

3. Go local
Face-2-face contact and personal attention is valued, but saving people time in there busy schedules maybe even more. Organize a local team and let them go to your clients, prospects, suspects and take up only a few hours of their day, instead of letting them travel 1 or more days to you. Take the step, make the effort and you will see how much it is appreciated.

Measurable difference

A recent client case study showed a roadshow in 2020 produced 90% less CO2 emission compared to its normal exhibition participation in 2019. Of course, it depends on many factors how big the impact could be for you, but one thing is certain: these can be your first steps towards more sustainable events, and you can proof it!

Not sure which way to go or what to do? Subscribe for a digital creative coffee session with our roadshow expert Noud. By getting to know you, your brand and objectives and brainstorm in a 1-hour session, we want to help you on your way to get started with possibilities for your events in the future. Ánd make them more sustainable!