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Top 3 trends within mobility & roadshows

The concept of mobility is continuously changing and opens up to new possibilities.

We are looking for more sustainable ways to move. And mobility in the context of connecting with others, has taken on a new meaning. Brands are looking for ways to connect with their customers. Companies respond to these trends with innovative technologies.

Our Marketing Roadshow Expert Noud visited multiple events and took a deep-dive into the world of mobility, where new carriers, large tech companies, and interesting start-ups showcase their products and share valuable insights.

For Noud the perfect moment and place to connect with partners and discover new innovations in the mobility and tech industry. So, let’s share the 3 most valuable insights.

1. Personal contact – remains an essential part of the business.

We need to find opportunities and new ways to meet in person again. In a world where social distancing quickly became the norm, and where there is an overkill of information and thousands of (commercial) messages a day, it’s hard to make real contact with your customers, relations and employees. It’s all about personal attention. Making real contact and true impact.

It is not certain you reach the right audience at your exhibition stand. People’s travel behaviour has been changed. On the other hand, there are many other companies that demand attention on an exhibition. Less time for you and your story.

2. Experience – it’s all about the experience!

The most crowded booths are the ones with a focus on experience. We all have little time. Make sure the time customers spend with you is quality time! The experience is the marketing. It’s not only about your product. It’s the story behind and how you communicate it. And not to forget: create interaction!

As exhibitor you want to reach and convince the visitor, so they get the right feeling about your brand (brand recognition) and become loyal to the brand (brand loyalty). And the more time you spend one-on-one, the more control you have in transmitting this message.

3. Sustainability.

As we all known mobility is one of the biggest contributors to the CO2 problem. The majority of exhibitors showed their beliefs and actions towards a road to a more sustainable future.

Other industries such as cycling become more interesting for example. The focus is not only automotive anymore and sustainability becomes more and more important in all layers of their businesses. Integrating your exhibition in a roadshow campaign is one of the examples how some of our clients move towards more sustainable events. It is a different way to contact your client, but far more sustainable. A recent case study showed a roadshow reduced CO2 emission with 90% and how you can do that.

Read the casestudy


We all see and feel the impact of the world around us. We believe the focus is shifting from macro to micro, intercontinental to local and 100% digital to hybrid. If you’re struggling to find your own road to impact, we are here to help. Because we believe that we can do more together!

Want to discover the possibilities?

Get in touch with our roadshow specialist, Noud van de Mortel! With more than 12,5 years of experience he can answer all your questions.