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On tour with Mycronic: when passion meets innovation

Published on 29 June 2017

Mycronic, developer of world-leading production equipment for the electronics and display manufacturing industry, started an European product launch tour in early June to present and demonstrate the latest equipment to its customers at their doorstep.

The roadshow unit has been completely transformed into mobile demonstration and training space, with the latest Mycronic equipment being central. The corporate branding on the outside ensures the trailer has a unique appearance on the road and on site, making people think about solutions Mycronic can offer for its target audience.


The large open space of the unit makes it possible, despite the size of the machines, to create a separate presentation set besides the demonstration room. Because of the floor elevation in the unit, this part is still a separated from the rest of the room. The space is set to optimum use and provides all the needs of the customer in a functional way.

In order to demonstrate how to control and monitor the machines, Mycronic expressed the desire to mount multiple screens on the wall, separately from the machines. Specific technical modifications were then applied to connect the screens accordingly.

With this unique demonstration space, Mycronic visits its customers on 17 locations in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy for 4.5 weeks. The tour will be concluded with one final event in Eindhoven.

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