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On tour with Samsung: optimal reach with a personal approach

Published on 1 June 2017

Where many companies still choose a trade fair or conference to inform (potential) customers, Samsung once again chose to approach its customers personally. No less than four different units were transformed into a mobile showroomtraining center and demonstration area in one. Samsung White & Brown Goods hit the road, but Samsung Display extended her tour through Europe as well.

Samsung White Goods
For the third year in a row, the latest white goods such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, vacuum cleaners and washing machines were presented and demonstrated in a mobile training center. The unit was transformed into a unique showroom in which you are under the impression to be in a completely new household.

By means of this roadshow, Samsung visited her resellers throughout France, organizing 74 training sessions in 28 locations over 7 weeks.

Samsung Brown Goods
Samsung Brown Goods also decided to visit its customers in France at their own location, with the aim of presenting and demonstrating the latest consumer TVs by means of a roadshow. This way, they inform the resellers about the benefits and specifications of the latest innovations.

Where last year a spacious unit was turned into a large living room, they chose for a smaller solution with special furniture and accessories this year, to create the feeling of a cosy living room. As a result, the latest QLED screens can show its best advantages, both on the wall and on the tripod.

In order to achieve optimal reach, two units are currently on the road which both visit no less than 194 locations in northern France and 184 locations in southern France in 12 weeks. In total, the roadshow will provide 396 training sessions.

Samsung Display
As of 2016, one unit was completely transformed into a Samsung Display center. The open, inviting and easy-access structure of the unit is ideal for presenting and demonstrating indoor and outdoor screens. This was proven by the successful results, whereupon Samsung decided to extend the tour by six months in 2017.

After a complete re-styling of branding, including changing the latest Samsung screens, the roadshow left the building again in May to continue her tour through Europe. With an average of 45 visitors during the first events in Poland, the Czech Republic, England and Ireland so far, the concept of personal approach is again proving successful.

The upcoming events will take place in Germany.

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