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Valeo @ Automechanika – getting closer than ever to its clients

Published on 7 September 2018

It’s time for world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service industry: Automechanika Frankfurt. From 11th  to 15th of September, the biennial trade fair will celebrate its 25th anniversary. With 133.000 trade visitors from 170 countries and more than 4.888 exhibitors last year, the trade fair provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest products and services. But how do you actually stand out and catch the eye of your target group?

Valeo, a world-leading global automotive supplier, will be present at Automechanika to bring home the expertise and quality of their products and systems. Not only will cover Valeo an area of more than 750 m2 (Hall 3), the ‘Valeo experience’ already starts outdoor – right before visitors walk into a hall full of stands. A unique roadshow trailer, completely transformed into a mobile showroom including a demo-car, videowalls, garage equipment, product mock-ups and a large area for comprehensive presentations brings Valeo closer than ever to its clients. Whether this is at exhibitions, private events, Tech’days or directly at the client’s doorstep, the Valeo on Tour roadshow provides endless possibilities to reach, connect and engage – at any location and at all times!

Having difficulties getting full attention of your target audience and looking for an innovative way to connect with them? With a roadshow you approach your target audience directly and personally in its own environment. It allows you to make the best of your marketing budget, without having to share the attention with competitors and wait until your clients come to you.

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