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We drive your business!

Five reasons why a Roadshow is a safe, personal, cost-efficient and flexible marketing tool.

Let’s make it personal!

Reaching out to your potential customer with a Roadshow at their doorstep guarantees personal interaction with your brand. The personal approach, undivided attention for your clients and of course for your products and services make it more impactful and builds a strong relation. Imagine what the impact will be of this unique live experience tool!

Choose your own path, day by day  

A customized promotion trailer is the most flexible marketing tool by its rapid relocations. A wide reach is guaranteed by visiting another potential customer at their doorstep each day. The possibility to relocate the Roadshow in case of unforeseen situations offers you maximum flexibility with minimum impact on your marketing activity.

In a sustainable way

The impact of a Roadshow on the environment is significantly less than participating an international exhibition. We will find our way to your clients with one single transport, a circular design and only one event operator to make a success of your Roadshow event every day, at every doorstep. A tailor made mobile stand with all of your products showcased at once. With one customized Roadshow trailer and an efficient tour schedule you can meet all your potential customers at their doorstep.

COVID-19 compliant

Health and safety are priority number one! A program with time slots to manage every guest and a regularly controlled and disinfected environment with minimum personal contact will ensure the safety and still contribute to the ultimate customer experience.

Drive your business, literally

Reaching out to your potential customers and business relations via Roadshow marketing will drive your business. Face-to-face engagement is where the rubber meets the road, where you really start driving positive outcomes. Many brands chose for Roadshow marketing to generate and accelerate their businesses before, with success.

So fasten your seatbelt and get inspired! We love to share our experiences with you!

Customer story: SAP

“Innovation on the Move”

A mobile structure fully equipped with high-end video and audio systems, a touch table and showcases for machine learning, blockchain tech and Internet of Things, a mobile version of SAP’s immersive experience room in Walldorf.

The concept has proven its value for multiple purposes, such as VIP presentations, sales pitches, product training, employee on-boarding and strategic decision-making processes. And all this at the doorstep of SAP’s clients and business partners throughout Europe.

A few facts of the SAP mobile experience room in one year:

  • 320+ customers
  • 2.500+ visitors
  • 20+ developed apps
  • 140+ pieces of media coverage
  • 1.000+ mentions on social media